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Patrick Kilcoyne Avatar
Patrick Kilcoyne

I have been taking my car to Gardner for over 15 years and have always had a great experience. Highly recommended. 11/18/2016

Edward St Pierre Avatar
Edward St Pierre

Knowledgeable and good service 5/03/2018

Google User Avatar
Google User

I was very pleased with Gardner's again. My Toyota 4 Runner is back on the road and fixed under budget. 5/03/2017

Michelle Oswald Avatar
Michelle Oswald

I have been using them since day 1. No matter what the issue, they explained it all so i could understand. The best part is they let you know what has to be done and what can wait. Thank you for all that you do. 6/30/2017

Genaro Quiroz. Avatar
Genaro Quiroz.

I took my SUV here and I loved the service. 2/03/2019

Peter R. Avatar
Peter R.

5 star rating Honest people here. After a long string of issues with my car Gardner auto solved the problem that others couldn't and for a fair price to for major work. Staff is always friendly and actually explains things for you and helps you along the way. Some garages tell you all these extra things. Gardner just wants to help you and fix the issues you have. People locally have said its changed since the original owner retired but clearly his quality and customer service is still alive here with the girls in the front. I'm back on the Gardner train and will pass the word around. Highly recommended! 1/19/2016

A Google User Avatar
A Google User

I have dealt with many garages and they all were a nightmare until I found Gardner Automotive. It is a husband and wife family garage, wonderful people. If you have an emergency with your vehicle they get it in as soon as they can very professional, great people, friendly too. I became friends with Jeff, Julia and Maggie. The garage is as clean as my house. They will fix any problem! 5/03/2017

Steve Zyck Avatar
Steve Zyck

Honest, fair, and nice shop. Treated me well despite the fact I know little about cars. Thank you! 7/12/2018

Amy Parker Avatar
Amy Parker

Thank you for taking care of the brakes and giving our pick up a going-over. I feel good about picking up our cargo tomorrow. You're the best!!! 4/20/2017

Jim Bures Avatar
Jim Bures

I had my A/C Compressor replaced at Gardner Auto. They gave me a certain quote, but I asked they put in a serpentine belt too. The cost worked out to exactly the quote even with the new part. They were honest about finishing quicker than usual. Most shops charge by the job and if they are quicker it doesn't matter. I was very pleased.Also, I have been using Gardner Automotive to do pre-purchase mechanical inspections for private party cars I buy. They do a wonderful job diagnosing potential problems which helps with price negotiating.Great Mechanic! 6/03/2018

Evan Chadwick Avatar
Evan Chadwick

Helpful friendly. No gouging. 5/03/2018

Michael N. Avatar
Michael N.

Always thorough and quality work. 5/03/2018

Ronald P. Avatar
Ronald P.

5 star rating They always find time to fix my car, they are honest, and fair priced, I would never take my car anywhere else! I was recommended by a friend a few years ago after my car dealer stole items and weather tech floor liners from my car and will never go back to a dealership for service again. I cannot say enough about the level of honesty and service you receive at Gardner, they are just great people. 6/29/2017

William Ludy Avatar
William Ludy

Thanks Julia and company team. I picked up my Ford Five Hundred tonight and it is working great (again). It took a few iterations, but you were great throughout them and could not have been more helpful and considerate. Thanks for being so kind and understanding.

Bill and April Ludy

Monica A. Avatar
Monica A.

5 star rating Definitely 5 stars! Family-run business. They're polite helpful they have a tremendous sense of Integrity when dealing with their customers. Very professional. I have been going to them for a number of years now. I would recommend them to anybody who wants quality work on a vehicle. At a reasonable price. They do inspection stickers, brakes, alignments, oil changes, tune-up, all kinds of car repair and maintenance. They take the time to explain things to you, which I haven't had with a lot of garages. Julia's doing a wonderful job filling the shoes of her awesome Dad, Jim .God bless him. 3/09/2016

grovermpf . Avatar
grovermpf .

Broke my drive belt while driving, they took me in right away and took good care of me 8/03/2018

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